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hello, am a student who loves computers a lot .. and i am studying computer science as a major , C++ was the first language i took .. i read and heard that its a powerful programing language , but unfortunately i've almost completed my first year .. i finished introduction to C++ programing course and Object oriented course but still dont know how to make a windows software because all the projects we make in our labs are win32 console application , and what i want is to make a full program ... like the ones u run using the .exe file ... i've searched the internet and lost hope to find a solution ... thank you for your time ^^

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Although I am not going to school for programming, i have researched it a fair amount and if you are already comfortable writing console applications then you should start learning Windows API if you want to program a full desktop application. Also an exe is just a compressed program, so all you need to do is convert your files for your console application into an executable and you'll have an exe.

thank you for your reply ^^ , am sorry but if i wanted to search for a tutorial ... what do i type ?


Highly recommend you do some research next time before you give any more false information.

Yea I realized it was wrong when my comment became hidden but it was too late to edit it. Visual C++ is an IDE, if he wants to make a desktop application (i think that is what he wants) he needs to learn the Windows API right?

"i want is to make a full program ... like the ones u run using the .exe file"

i think he wants to develop a desktop app to run in windows with user interface buttons, text inputs and so on...

its easier to build a GUI just by drag and drop rather than edit xml, ms visual studio supports Visual C++

but i highly recommend Qt as i've said below

I don't mean to be harsh, but a google search would have solved all your problems.

There are multiple methods of doing this. Languages like Python have libraries that let you create exe files, and there are programs out there that do the exact same thing.

your not being harsh :) , am sorry but i should've said that i dont want to learn any new language at my current status ... maybe later ... what i want is to creat a program using my C++ skills ^^

I know. I made a reference to Python because a LOT of languages have built in libraries which allow you to create exe files.

Just check the link...

Dude.... How did you learn C++ and they didnt teach you how to compile?

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