Forum Thread: How to Make a Xbox Live Code Genertor

how do you make one?
xbox live,

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i dont know how many int their codes have or how it work but you can easly do it with 10-20 lines of code in python or c++ first is that made of string and int or just int alone or string alone.then how many char it has after that you just make it creat for you with for loop in c++ or python.

As far as I know, you would first need to hack Microsoft to figure out their algorithm. Its not that easy or it would have been done long ago.

I highly recommend that you do not try this social engineering technique. However, for the benefit of learning how things works, here it goes.

Imagine you walk into a gamestop, and take a picture of the barcode on the back of the gift cards. No, you do not scratch off the stuff, you just take a picture of the barcode.

Now these codes are only activated after bought at the cash register, so you would buy one, say you left your wallet in your car, and drive away with the product still at the register after being scanned.

Then you would contact xbox support, tell them the code is unreadable, and they will ask you for the barcode, to which you read the numbers off of the picture you took.

At least that is how I would go about it in a pen test for a company like gamestop or xbox.

Once again, do not try this, only learn from it.

do you gonna get the code or it wil be send to you account


Yeah and yeah..

If you want make a code generator you don't have to know the algorithme you must know the encryption delay because Microsoft use a 21 repassing encryption.. so the algorythme is simple to discover..

decrypt it in XOR 3 times and add a 5 + 1 digitcode (date of buying the code )than encrypt it md5 and take the 2 digit code.

so finish with binding it :

so the encryption algorithme alway start to 20092015 (date) + 32 (2digit code)

encrypt XOR 3 times..
By CHUCK (m3tal)

so you say you can creacte a script to get a psn genatorter
bydeway doe you mean a generator that works

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