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I'm sorry I do not speak fluent English
Can those hacked through a movie ?
Is it possible penetration through the file already a non-executive ?

I hope that you understand me be !

Thank you

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Hello,dear Kudos!Excuse me my poor english language...I'm just a student,and I'd like to look around,for free internet,wi-fi etc.I'm sorry...William,from Hungary.

depends on the player the victim uses, if there is a vulnerability you may be able to exploit that, check exploit database for exploits.

YES! It is possible. There's an article series dedicated to the "Hacks of Mr. ROBOT" - Try looking it up on nullbyte and you will find the one in which how to hide a malicious file in the video/audio files is taught.

And do not worry, English is not a barrier. You will learn good English soon enough!

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