Forum Thread: Malware Propagation on windows7

Hey guys, i'm looking to propagate a malware made by me, into windows 7 OS, i though about infecting a flash usb.
can you give me more ideas please,

It's for educational purposes, thank you

3 Responses

  1. Give malware to victim.
  2. Victim executes malware.
  3. ???
  4. Profit.

Google probably has a tonne of resources on that. Or HackForums lel.

Either get access using RAT and download it or use an exploit with a shellcode that downloads it. Alternatively you could Social Engineer and make the victim download it (trough link, or USB as u said or whatever). Also you could break into LAN and hack DNS to make the victim go to a malicious site that will give him your malware. Tons of techniques..

Or you could just be annoying and crash their computer.. XD

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