Forum Thread: How Many Hackers Have Played Watch_Dogs Game Before?

Almost all the hackers have played the watch dogs game before. How many people of this forum had played watch dogs before? and why people love this game so much? this game is so attractive? I am asking because I have noticed that many people of this forum also have Profile pictures of watch dogs.

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WATCH_DOGS, according to my own opinion, most of the people here use the profile pic of that game character because of the skills of the character of the game (most appropriately hacking skills) and not because of graphics of the game. Just like you have chosen your name WATCH_DOGS. Right!!!!

  • Absolutely Right my Brother...!!!

I heard you have a whats app group can i join you

  • Most Welcome...!!!
  • Absolutely Sure!

I also wanna join you!

Can I join you guys?

Okay. Understood. Thanks

so i am the only one who have not played this game right. maybe thats why my profile pic is of a demon and not of a hacker.

Yeah, you are right! If you had played Watch_Dogs Game before, you might choose your profile picture as Aiden Pearce, Defalt, Wrench or Marcus Hollaway (Just like me)!

  • Do you wanna play the Game? Tell me , I`ll give you the link, to download it.

Sry bt no graphic card

I agree dude. And I love that game. 1st and 2nd were great. Legion was a little off but it's dlc with Aiden Pearce was awesome.

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