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Hi guys,

So I am wondering about that How Many Languages Have to Learn to Create a Website (which has - sign up or sign in form , data management , best encryption for client data ,attractive graphics, auto send e-mail and good sub-website and their data management )

Other than this all the information of visitors (cookies , visiting timing ,IP,clicks,etc )

Total I learned 3 language that are PHP,html5 and css .I think this 3 languages are enough.

So what's your opinion on this ?

Or other then this what I have to learn.

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i'd recommend javascript in addition

Yeah I am also thinking to learn java script

So there are 4 languages have to learn to create a professional website

A web application can be developed in many different ways/languages, but for sure you will have to learn:

Client side technologies: such as HTML, CSS, Javascript...

Server side technologies: such as PHP, JSP, ASP... In addition almost any web application needs a database to store/load information, so you'll need to learn SQL.

Is it necessary to learn Sql ?

Is there any alternative ?

If you want to add a relational database to your app, the answer is yes. As you have stated you want a login/signup, and things like this, so you want to recover/store that information in an efficient way (the solution is SQL).

So I have to install sql to server like PHP ?

You can install a lot of SQL servers such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle ... Choose the one you prefer and install it.

Thank u

You're welcome!

So I have to learn total 5 programming languages (PHP,css,java script,SQL,html5) to make professional website. Anybody has some easy way to do that work.

You don't need to learn any languages to build a professional website. You can simply use any of the many website hosting companies that have their own website building utilities or purchase one of the many website building packages such Adobe's Creative Suite.

Can u please give me the url of such websites.

They all for basic requirements .u cannot make login / sign up database

Ok ! Thank u

Anyone know how to protect website from SQL injection ?

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