Forum Thread: Mass-Mailing Hack Using SE Toolkit

Sup, my fellow white hat hackers, today I am going to show you how to mass-mail attack people.
What you need is a linux called "Kali Linux".
Kali linux is a penetration tool to hack, it's a really good choice if you want to start hacking.

Step 1: Get the List

First, we have to get the victim's email lists, so the program knows which to send.
I have a list of emails here :

You can get these list somewhere off the internet, or you can gather it alone.

Step 2: Opening the Program

Now, we have to open the SE toolkit.
SE toolkit is pre-installed in your kali linux, so you don't have to download it.
To execute the program, type :


In the terminal. A terminal is a black thingy that looks like a box. You should see it at the left of the screen in kali linux.

Now, lots of thing should have appeared. Like this :

Now, type "1" in the terminal, because we want to do a Social-engineering Attack.
(Don't forget to enter!)
After you did that, type "5" in the terminal, which will say mass mailer attack.
We want to send it to many people, so type "2".

Are we on the same page? If you got lost, comment down below where you got lost.
We have to tell the toolkit where our file is.
In my case, I saved it on my desktop, so I will type :


The Gmails.txt is the name of the file. So change that to the name of your file.
Now we will select "1", we want to use a gmail account to send those.
If you want to use a server, you can also use "2".
Now, type your email address.
Make sure you don't use your private email, make a another email so we can be anonymous.

Type the name that the victim will see, then type the password of the email since the program has to use that password to login your account and send emails.

Type "no" in the terminal because we don't want to send as high-priority.

After you decide the name of the email and whether you are going to attach a file, then in the html or plain thingy, choose plain by typing : p

Now, type the email and if you finished, type "END" on a new line and press enter.
Then the script will send the emails.

Step 3: Enjoy!

Now the emails are sent, enjoy and see the mass-mailing progress!
(It's boring)

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I tried to make it beginner-friendly as possible since I thought mostly - people that are new to hacking sees my article.

I followed the instructions, but when i check to see if there are any emails from the setoolkit, there are none Zero emails...Help!

Thanks for the beginner friendly article!
Is thete a way to spam mails one single person?
Please make a tutorial on that, I would love it!

Yes, I will make one soon.

Are mails sent via SET is traceable?

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