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Ok so is this possible?? Like one of you who is skilled enough can be my master and he/she'll guide me through everything he/she knows and id directly ask my questions to them...?? Is anyone up for it?? Ill be grateful to my master ;);)

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Trust me on this one: Google is going to be your greatest master. Read everything you can, set up a penetration lab, learn Linux, and just practice, practice, practice. And, when you're done with that, practice some more.

Completely agree with Burnct, even though you might feel like you need someone to guide you at times, most times curiosity and dedication are just enough to keep you going and exploring the wonderful world of 1s and 0s.

But you know there are some things that experience teaches you... you know like tips and tricks... or sometimes its just that there are like 3 or 4 different explainations on google for the same thing.. and sometimes all of em incorrect.. or other times you cant find what youre lookin for...

If all of them are incorrect, then study and correct them.

There should be no "master" ever. First, because it is a persone, he fan be wronf and he is only one, this you would know only his point of view. Second, if he answered to you, then what are you going to learn?

Personally, I take everything as a challenge, and I feel I lost if I have to ask for help, even though I understand those who ask and help them anyway, but I am most satifies helping people that lack the fundaments to understand the next step. Google is your best friend, don't be scared of asking to him, he always has an answer, always! I'm telling you: don't force yourself to learn and always fight for the results.

Yea youre right... but you know im sometimes too lazy to find anything lol... im really addicted to games and its difficult to get my mind off of them.... its a difficult choice whether to play the game or learn lol ;);)

But thnx ill learn on my own...

Well, that's the point. If you wanna learn something, you gotta sacrifice, it must be interesting for you, it should make you want to spend time on it.

Ciuffy is right , i always learn more interesting things than the subject i started my research for , and its all on google

Be your own master, nobody (not even Google) has all the answers.

Am I the only one who read the title and thought about D/s?

Google may not now the answer, but most of the times if you look close enough it can leader you to the right way.

Ask your questions on the forums like this and it can be a communal effort to find the answer.

But at least put some effort into finding said answer for yourself; it helps you develop your problem solving capabilities.


Yea I may learn something extra this way right!!! ;);)

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