Forum Thread: That math post I made...

So, I know that math post was mad basic. Actually covering grade school operations, crazy right? I was thinking that I would get some kind of feedback from the community at large to that effect with, ideally, some kind of "I was really hoping you did _______ instead…." because just saying "A post on useful math!" means basically everything. I would like to share the knowledge and understanding I have but this is a multi-year formal education styled accumulation of complicated material with a plethora of application and variants here. I need some direction from you. What do you want to learn? What do you want to be able to do? Have you ever been doing something and gone "Does this work? Is there a better way?", when I do that I turn to math. I would like to give you that option too. Just give me some direction so I can try to bring this information to you. Anyone?

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