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Hi, I'm new here, I am 20 years old (maybe to late to start hacking I don't know) and I study management (everything is wrong in my life I know).

I start learning by this site but then I realized that books are more specific in the subject ,not taking the merit of how-to and the hardwork behind that, thanks to all of you. This is my plan to start learning and get advanced on hacking:

note: I know a little bit of html, javascript and java.
2º note: I search for everythng I don´t know, I think this helps a lot.

First: book - "The basics of hacking and penetration testing" by Patrick Engebretson (I'm finishing this one and it is awesome to start)

Second: Learn two languages - C/C++ and Python (an advice for newbies, you can learn at codecademy)

Third: book - "BlackHat Python" by Justin Seitz

Fourth: book - "Mastering Metasploit" by Nipun Jaswal

Fifth: books - "The Hacker Playbook: Practical Guide To Penetration Testing" and "The Hacker Playbook 2: Practical Guide To Penetration Testing" by Peter Kim

I have enough age to know this take time and i'm not expecting 90 days results
Now, two questions:

1 - Should I slow my plan to be less intense and what do you add that I should learn?

2 - There is any book out there that teach or talk about anonymity online? like: proxychains, vpn's, hiding you IP, cleaning your tracks....

Thanks for your time sir's !

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The How-to of Null-byte are perfect to practice and learn new things, I use it for that, but is important understand what goes behind (just advising the newbies)

my advice to you is this:

if you have a field and there's water underneath its surface, at the depth of 60 meters, you can get that water if you dig ONE 60-meter-deep well, but if you dig 60 wells, each one of them is 1 meter deep, you'll get NOTHING

Mastering metasploit is the key, this one will be my first 60 meter deep well, the rest is to learn the basics.

Great advice dude

I think your plan is very shallow, you need to learn a lot more to be a very successful hacker!

I know I know, this is the begin to understand the basics, then I will search for more absolutely, thanks

(Mastering Metasploit isn't so basic at all I think)

I'd suggest you to add some full fledged courses to it. Now that depends on what you can invest. But I do have recommendations.

-The Joker

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