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I am going the old styled way. With a question, followed by an answer on who I am.

Pseudonym: eSaphor

Interest: InfoSec, IT

Job: I work at Protiviti, I have worked there for over 2 years and I am a Security Consultant/Analyst.

Certifications and Bachelors degree: Certified Security Analyst, CompTIA Security+ certification, Bachelors in Computer Science.

Why did I get into InfoSec: Well, I love exploitation and security. I love the challenge and how InfoSec is never out of date. It always progresses. There is always something new to patch and to find! The auditing of a code feels great.

Why did I get a CompTIA Security+ certification: A CompTIA Security+ certification includes training in network security, threats, vulnerabilities and cryptography. Which is why I highly recommend learning it if you're going into this security field.

Languages: C, C++, C#, PHP, HTML, Python, Perl, Ruby, SQL.

Favorite OS: Ubuntu, Fedora

Worst OS: Windows

Certifications I want: Certified Ethical Hacker

Why I want it: Well, the Certified Ethical Hacker certification on a résumé looks pretty good! The more certifications I get, the better life will be. InfoSec is a difficult job, as it always progresses, as I stated. It always keeps on. It will always get harder. And with a new certification, it'll end up making stuff easier, too. Although, I think it'll be a useful certification, lot's of people think that I shouldn't get it. But, I think I should.

About me: Well, I am a very difficult person to work with (SOMETIMES). Why is this? Because me being me, I can't really talk to people. I have friends, close ones, too. But I just can't speak to new people in a very social way. I am, I guess, shy. Unlike on the internet. On the internet, I am not shy at all. This makes my job difficult in ways, because, I need to speak with multiple people to get by. I need to talk to people in upper management to negotiate plans, and this makes it hard. Public speaking is also a tad difficult, but I can get by quite easily because I don't look at the people... I express the emotion in to my computer, and keep on. If no computer is involved... I sadly just don't generate eye contact. It's unpolite, I know, but still. I make eye contact when meeting people. Nothing else.

I think this is about it... Uh... Thanks.

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Welcome to NullByte! I hope that you enjoy your stay! We here at NullByte treat new and old members with the respect that they deserve. Already, I can tell that you will be a very valuable member of our community. :D

Welcome to Null Byte, I hope you enjoy it here.


Welcome to Null Byte!
I too, hope to one day become a Certified Ethical Hacker.
I believe you can pay for an exam with training for around $2,000.

Can't wait to see your contributions to Null Byte!

w3lc0m3 2 nu11 byt3...


Welcome To Null Byte!,

As my friends stated, We hope you enjoy a wonderful stay here. And a little side question though ?, Do you carry all those certificates around ?

# Sergeant

Welcome to Null Byte eSaphor! I too work as a security consultant :) I originally studied for the CEH but over here in the UK I discovered that it wasn't a recognised qualification in the industry. It was too beginner level and tool based for it to be worth while. So I studied the content, skipped the exam and certification and took a different course instead. Looking forward to having your input on the site.


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