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I am going the old styled way. With a question, followed by an answer on who I am.

Pseudonym: eSaphor

Interest: InfoSec, IT

Job: I work at Protiviti, I have worked there for over 2 years and I am a Security Consultant/Analyst.

Certifications and Bachelors degree: Certified Security Analyst, CompTIA Security+ certification, Bachelors in Computer Science.

Why did I get into InfoSec: Well, I love exploitation and security. I love the challenge and how InfoSec is never out of date. It always progresses. There is always something new to patch and to find! The auditing of a code feels great.

Why did I get a CompTIA Security+ certification: A CompTIA Security+ certification includes training in network security, threats, vulnerabilities and cryptography. Which is why I highly recommend learning it if you're going into this security field.

Languages: C, C++, C#, PHP, HTML, Python, Perl, Ruby, SQL.

Favorite OS: Ubuntu, Fedora

Worst OS: Windows

Certifications I want: Certified Ethical Hacker

Why I want it: Well, the Certified Ethical Hacker certification on a résumé looks pretty good! The more certifications I get, the better life will be. InfoSec is a difficult job, as it always progresses, as I stated. It always keeps on. It will always get harder. And with a new certification, it'll end up making stuff easier, too. Although, I think it'll be a useful certification, lot's of people think that I shouldn't get it. But, I think I should.

About me: Well, I am a very difficult person to work with (SOMETIMES). Why is this? Because me being me, I can't really talk to people. I have friends, close ones, too. But I just can't speak to new people in a very social way. I am, I guess, shy. Unlike on the internet. On the internet, I am not shy at all. This makes my job difficult in ways, because, I need to speak with multiple people to get by. I need to talk to people in upper management to negotiate plans, and this makes it hard. Public speaking is also a tad difficult, but I can get by quite easily because I don't look at the people... I express the emotion in to my computer, and keep on. If no computer is involved... I sadly just don't generate eye contact. It's unpolite, I know, but still. I make eye contact when meeting people. Nothing else.

I think this is about it... Uh... Thanks.

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welcome to Null Byte!

first: you seem like a serious person, but it would still be a good idea to read this article, just so you know how we do things here :).

second: looking to eventual content you may post in the future.

if you have any questions, feel free to contact me or any of the other members, we are always open to new people!


Welcome to NullByte! I hope that you enjoy your stay! We here at NullByte treat new and old members with the respect that they deserve. Already, I can tell that you will be a very valuable member of our community. :D

Welcome to Null Byte, I hope you enjoy it here.


Welcome to Null Byte!
I too, hope to one day become a Certified Ethical Hacker.
I believe you can pay for an exam with training for around $2,000.

Can't wait to see your contributions to Null Byte!

w3lc0m3 2 nu11 byt3...


Welcome To Null Byte!,

As my friends stated, We hope you enjoy a wonderful stay here. And a little side question though ?, Do you carry all those certificates around ?

# Sergeant

Welcome to Null Byte eSaphor! I too work as a security consultant :) I originally studied for the CEH but over here in the UK I discovered that it wasn't a recognised qualification in the industry. It was too beginner level and tool based for it to be worth while. So I studied the content, skipped the exam and certification and took a different course instead. Looking forward to having your input on the site.


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