Forum Thread: Metasploit and Anonymity??

Ok ive searched a lot but cant find about it...

How can I use metasploit to create payload and all but cant be tracked back to my ip.. or I will say takes a lot lot lot of time to track back to my ip??

And one that works... cause I heard to use bind-tcp but the victims firewall doesnt allow it... so I need something that works...

You can very well point me to it and ill progress from there ;);)

Thank you for helpin!!

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use a reverse payload, open a port for incoming connections on the firewall, upload a bind-tcp payload you generated using msfvenom, start the bind-tcp payload and connect to it using the bind handler. then close the reverse-tcp connection, and with the bind payload, you clear all the evidence you left behind with the reverse payload.

it's kind of an advanced technique i've developed myself. it takes time to understand how it works exactly (even i don't completely understand how i would pull it off).


I understand whatyoure saying!!
But where are these tracks of reverse tcp that have to be removed??

This is a good way to go. Easier is to get a VPN with portforwarding for reverse connection. Although combining this two methods is the best u can do.

But vpn is paid..
Im not thst big you see... my parents wont allow it...
And ive been told free vpn is as useless as my own router...

I also wanted to ask... how is dynamic dns secure?? I mean the ip connected to dynamic dns can be tracked easily... and using a proxy ip fkr the dynamic dns.. then metasploit wont worm... so dynamic dns is no use right??

But for bind-tcp... we need rhost right?? So if we're over wan.. then which ip we use as rhost?? And how do we obtain that ip using reverse-tcp??

no RHOST is not required for a bind-tcp payload i believe. but RHOST is simply the target IP address.

anyway, i think i found exactly what you are looking for here


You know I did that.. didnt return a thing.. haha ;));

But thanks ill take it from here !! ;);)

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