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Hi Guys

So I have done some hacking with Metasploit and Windows (the malicious .mcl file) and I was wondering how I can open a meterpreter session on OSX. I have looked at the exploits in metasploit (search for OSX) and I have found one that requires you to put set a SESSION. Any pointers on what this is? Also what should I look for in a payload and how can i further my knowledge on the different exploits for OSX in metasploit so I know how to use each. Someone in the know should make some How-To's on this!! It would be a great addition to the null-byte library as all we have now is a tutorial on creating a backdoor (And there are no instructions on how to do remotely via a malicious file, vulnerable port or any other kind of exploit.)

Thanks !!

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I wish there was more OSX articles here, it is a neglected platform on this site.

Metasploit... OS X... meterpreter... tutorial...

I think I'm in on this one. It will take a while though, and I have some other tutorials and guides planned on the way, but it'll happen.


Thank you so much!!! This would be fantastic!

There is a good reason why there are so few articles here on exploiting OSX, it is only compromises less than 6% of the total market for desktop operating systems. Furthermore, when was the last time you saw a OSX server?

Developing exploits takes time and money. Why develop an exploit for an OS that compromises just 6% of the market where you can spend the same time developing an exploit for over 90% of the market? Most hackers are after database records with PII and credit card numbers. How many banks and large institutions store those records on a OSX database server? Probably none.

Metasploit has has 44 exploit modules for OSX. In addition, the shellshock attacks apply equally to all OSX, Unix and Linux systems. Check out the shellshock articles here on Null Byte.

Thanks OTW !
Ill take a look.

I see why exploits aren't being developed for OSX but it would still be nice to have some tutorials for even just one or two of the already developed exploits for beginners like me!!

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