Forum Thread: [Metasploit] Do I Need to Put Another Payload on the Victims Computer if I Want to Use a Different Computer?


So i put a virus (With permission) on a friends computer. I ran the "Persistence" command when after i gained control for the first time. Everything has been working fine. I was able to get back in and everything. But then my VM (Which had metasploit and kali linux on it) stopped working. So i downloaded metasploit on ubuntu. I tried making a new payload and putting it on my own computer. With success. But when i tried to access my backdoor made from the persistence command again. I wasn't able to. I know that when i make a payload it asks me for my IP address. And that probably converts it to a MAC address. So it can find that computer. So could it be that?

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According to my VERY limited knowledge, the persistence will always call back to the same IP from which the command was run, so, if u could get your old IP back, should work.

Thank you. I believe you are correct!

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