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Is it just me or does metasploit dominate the hacking world? It seems that on this forum its all bout using metasploit to use a exploit or using a reverse shell (payload) to hack a operating system. I thought that his was a newbie tool that doesnt work on anyone with a decent AV .

I have thought myself python (still learning!) but it seems that i dont really need it since ther is a metasploit for almost everything! Virusses,backdoors,listeners etc.

Hope that i am wrong :)

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Some things worth mentioning :

  1. You can use metasploit, though if you want to take things to the next level and not just use other people's tools, would be wise to focus on that python, though python by its own is still not enough..
  2. I do not think it all focuses on metasploit since there are so many other ways to do. It all depends on what YOU want to do and what is the best option in your situation.
  3. Do not get me wrong metasploit is amaizng though i do not consider it to be enough to only learn how to use it. Learn in depth about how it works and then you will see it is far away from the only option.

metasploit is all over this forum because it's a free tool that can be easily used with very little knowledge and security experience (take note of how many posts there are asking how to make it work accross the internet WAN). Hence any noobie wanting to hack into his GFs facebook thinks its as simple as getting her to run the payload, and to be fair a lot of the time it is that simple. metasploit is more than a tool though; it is a framework built on the programming language ruby. In addition to python you should familiarize yourself with ruby and begin writing your own exploits that can then be added to metasploit.

there is nothing wrong with using metsploit but relying on a single tool and not understanding how it works will get you labeled as a skiddie.

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