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I remember seeing this somewhere but I dont remember so I though I should ask you.

Can someone tell me how to create and exe that contains a payload and that as soon as the person opens the exe the payload will automatically enter their system and I will know when they open it so as soon as they do I will create a backdoor on their system although I want it that the payload stays active on the computer until the next reboot of the target without the exe being on.

Easier explanation.

My computer is on

I send exe to victim, he opens is right away, notices nothing happening ,closes exe but my payload is still on his computer and I can still access it until he reboots computer because by the time he reboots, I will have made a backdoor.

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Use multi handler exploit on msfconsole and set up the payload with msfvenom. Encrypt it with Veil Evasion and as soon as your session opens set up Netcat or use the persistence command.

Can you please give me a step by step? Also please exclude the commands to hide it from AV since the target has no AV software. Thanks.

I recommend googling before asking questions.

There are lots of guides here on nullbyte, i recommend you checking out occupytheweb.

The search on top of the page helps also.

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