Forum Thread: Metasploit Externel Internet?

exploit metasploit but just my can see in my network
how to send exploit to people see web this is exploit androidhtmlfileprovider

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In case you haven't noticed: you aren't getting help by creating spam-like posts like this.

I mean seriously, how can we even help you if we can't understand you?


You need to do port forwarding to use these kind of exploits on others not in the same network as you

In the future I shall link back to this as a perfect example of how not to create a post. It really has the whole package.

  1. Short, no-effort post: check
  2. Mind-crippling sentence structure: check
  3. Catfish-esque profile pic pretending to be Brazilian fitness model: check

The 3rd one made my day. Good job sir!


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