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I need help setting up metasploit. In every exploit it fails to connect to rhost, and i dont know why, dbstatus says its connect to database.

Occupytheweb help me please

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Dear João,

Do you have postgreSQL running? The command is service postgresql start

To check if it's running type in: ss -ant

You should have something similar to this: (I will be using * but it is supposed to be actually 1)

State Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address:Port Peer Address:Port
LISTEN 0 128 :::22 :::*
LISTEN 0 128 *:22 *: *
LISTEN 0 128 *:*
LISTEN 0 128 ::1:5432 :::*

Contact us if it is another problem.

Kind regards,


yes i always start postgrel first

and i got loads of local ip's from using that comand

Dear Costa,

It is normal to get loads of IP's through that command.
Type in these commands, just to make sure metasploit and postgreSQL will always be started on launch:

update-rc.d postgresql enable
update-rc.d metasploit enable

Now, go to metasploit and type in "msfupdate", check if their is an error there too.

But, if the RHost keeps failing, that might just be that the RHost is an incorrect IP.

Kind regards,


Already running guys. i wasnt root because i wanted to try tor. and also it was the exploit i was trying that was (i think) not working. thanks for the help!

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