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Hi guys !
Im new to Metasploit and followed a few tutorials on reverse tcp.
I made a successful connection from my kali linux to my lab windows pc (webcam_start and all this stuff work)

My question can i remove this shell from windows machine ? How is this shell working ? Is there any file or line of code created on windows pc ? As i understand, the victim pc (my windows pc) will make a call to ip and port that a set in metesploid is this just one time call or the victim pc making this call in some periods ?

I mean i found a lot of tutorials on how to use metasploit reverse tcp but none one how its works, so mby just a link to some tut could do :)

Thank you

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Unless you set persistence, once a connection is terminated, you would have to reestablish a connection if you want to. The shell connection stops. No trace is left on the target computer.

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