Forum Thread: Metasploit Using Wan Over 3g-Modem Usb?

Hallo, what a great place for study!. Thanks null-byte!

So i have payload and handler that works on LAN. How to make it possible to access everywhere?

Maybe dump question, all i have just 3g usb modem with internet provided by sim card. Dialing internet using wvdial generate these outputs :

--> local IP address
--> pppd: f7f
--> remote IP address 10.64.xx.xx
--> pppd: f7f
--> primary DNS address
--> pppd: f7f
--> secondary DNS address
Is there any method to achive that?, or some refference to make it possible maybe?

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make a dns capable payload (reverse_https, reverse_http or reverse_tcp_dns) with a no-ip address and open your ports, example port 443. search on this forum on how to open ports on 3g usb dongle

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