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Hello guys,i made a file called newyearsgreeting.rtf(from a tutorial made by OTW) and i tried to send to someone.It says it is a virus.I tried to use venom,but i get an error.Can you help me?

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You need to disable the antivirus cause it will pick it up...
To bypass av.. encode your file... try different encoders... change no. of iterations... play with it a while. ..
If that doesnt work...
Try veilevasion... their is a tutorial on here for that...

If even that doesnt work then you have to learn to make your own exploits... their is a series on it in progress.... 0day exploits cannot be detected by av...

For understanding av... av uses signatures which it updates everyday for new ones... when a new exploit is made... the av software produces a signature or a little part of the exploit for its identification... as 0day exploits have not been discovered... they wont be detected by av... but sometimes... 2/10 times the av fails to detect some encoded files that it already has a signature of too... think of it like your luck... so try and try;);)

What's the venom error?

Thanks.With veil it didnt believed it was a virus.

Someone just used veil as a payload uploaded to vt... so the fun ""I hope not"" would last for only a few days..

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