Forum Thread: Meterpreter Error!!

I am not getting the reason behind the error, when i try to upload a specified backdoor. the path mentioned in the command is correct as you'll can see the backdoor itself in on the Desktop.

Please Do help Solve this..

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it's look legitimate.just guest.... do you have already open session on port 4444?

Yes!! should i open session on another port?

i tried to upload it in %temp% with port 4443. its getting successfully uploaded but only the last line is showing some error which i could not figure out.

What are you trying to do here?

I am trying to upload a persistence paylaod which is loacated at /root/Desktop/backdoor443.exe.

I don't understand. Where did you learn this technique? This seems to make no sense to me. You are using the persistence command to attempt to upload? That why you are getting that error.

But y then the tag -T is used for what? isn't it used to upload a specific payload from the attackers PC?

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