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When I use meterpreter commands on a pc or android to do anything like snap a pic or install keylogger or something...
Does it store logs into the victims pc or something??
Does it save the keylogger??
Does it save logs for which process was affected or something??
If we install persistance.. how can we remove it so that it cant be traced back??

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2 Responses

I think you could have combined this question with your last one about meterpreter anonymity to decrease all the noise on the home page.

But to answer your questions:

  1. No, it doesn't store logs. Everything is sent back to you and stored on the computer that is running Metasploit.
  2. Your victim's PC keeps its own logs. If you are making changes to files, logging in and out, etc -- that's all noted in event logs. Make sure you clear the event log before leaving.
  3. It depends on how you're using persistence. There are many ways to create persistence, and each one has a different cleanup.

The best thing to do is just test it on yourself. Get two laptops, put Kali on one and Windows (or whatever) on the other. Use Kali to infect the other laptop, and watch what happens when you do things.

Thanks.. thats great!!

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