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Greetings like minded creatures !

I've ran into a problem today, I've hacked into my girlfriends computer on the same network ( got the meterpreter, uploaded an extra payload, fooled around a bit ).

But every time when I try to migrate to an other PID the connection times out. It doesn't matter what I use, it keeps failing.

I've looked on allot of websites, went trough allot of documentation but couldn't find anything worth my time. ( for this matter that is )

Hope you guys can help me out !

ps ; does anyone know how to get a payload to make a reverse connection without alarming the firewall ? ( Comodo firewall installed on a windows 7 sp1 build 6701 ). I've got trough the firewall because she just knows jack sh't about computer and allways clicks 'allow' when the firewall pops up. ( told her today, after I got my persistence script fixed :p )

Thanks in advance !
-and sorry if my english sucks !

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6 Responses

Try using the reversehttp or reversehttps payload.

I'll try that one tomorrow, it's 3 a.m. here :p

I'll keep you posted !
btw, is the http(s) for firewall evasion or meterpreter migration ?
thanks for the quick response

For firewall evasion. It looks just like normal http traffic.

I've never had your problem with migrating.

Goin' to try it out in a sec, here's a screenshot of the migration problem ;

What process are migrating to?


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