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I have 2 questions that I'm not managing to find the answer for on google and I was hoping you could help me out:

  1. What happens if I create a backdoor and someones opens it while my pc is off? Is it still gonna work or not? Since I'm running kali on a virtual machine I can't have it on all the time.
  1. If i manage to attack and setup a Meterpreter session on a victim successfully, what happens if I shutdown my machine? Am I gonna lose the session or when I come back is it still gonna be up and running?

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1. Meterpreter will try to reconnect to your IP address every 30 seconds. But a vigilant user has already noticed the program he just ran is malicious by then.

2. your Meterpreter session will most likely be terminated (unless you set up persistence).


Also worth noting that with the correct meterpreter commands, the time interval between connection attempts can be manually set.

Good point, Defalt.


So you're saying that if i setup persistence on my victim, even if I or my victim turn our machine's off, when they are turned back on the connection will be established again?

One more question:

If my router has DHCP and I use No-IP (for example) to keep track of my current ip, when I restart my computer, assuming I setup persistence before, is the connection going to be made back to my machine?

If you've correctly configured port forwarding on your router, all should be just fine.

As for the question of machines being on/off, the victim will continue to make connection attempts as long as it is on, whether or not a connection is established depends on your machine being on and listening on the given port.


Got it, thanks for the help!

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