Forum Thread: migrating from windows to kali linux and i cant find motherboard drivers

Good Day All, Ive Decided to Migrate from Sucky Windows to Kali Linux but It Seems Like I Walked Right into a Brick Wall Regarding the Motherboard Drivers !! Ive Searched Numerous Sites Without Any Luck at All. Can Anyone Please Assist Me with Obtaining the Required Drivers. my board is a gigabyte G31M-S2C. thanks in advance. Adriaan

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Can you tell what is the problem with your mobo ? I used Kali on many computers, and hardly had problems with incompatible hardware...

Did you try the live version ? Also, what Kali version are you using ? Also post some screenshot of the errors you are getting.

can you the describe the brick wall? some screenshots maybe? You using a desktop? laptop? i haven't had a problem with any mobo drivers yet. linux has a vast array of drivers supported though some needs compiling.

Drivers in Linux is all in the kernel-land. It is a monolithic kernel. So any "drivers" in Linux are just kernel modules, so if you're running a stock Linux kernel like the one included in Kali, then you should have them included.

It sounds as if your problem has nothing to do with the mobo, probably your graphics?

unfortunately i dont know anything about linux to be honest,ive used windows since i started learning about pcs and thats about 11 years ago. t would be a damn shame if i wana be a hacker and i have to make use of a halfbred os like win 7. if anyone can supply me with working links for my gigabyte G31M-S2C motherboard i would forever be thankfull...

Why do you think the motherboard is incompatible?

because if you go onto the gigabyte website,you dont find anything there for linux under this motherboard specs

I'm pretty sure it will work. Gove it a try. Linux works with nearly every motherboard.

hi triphat, i am not using it as yet.ime getting everything in order to migrate to linux and ime planning to use v2.0 or sana. the thing that totally throws me off track is that i got no idea whether linus has intergrated drivers for this board or not because win7 32 bit does have.I am afraid if i do format my pc and install sana that i wont have drivers and how will i access the internet to get help.

You don't have to format your pc to make a test. Just download Kali, get an empty 8+ GB usb stick and use this noob friendly program to make a live usb key. Then go to your BIOS settings and prioritize the usb boot. You'll be soon checking that everything works out of the box without touching your primary OS. You can then choose to install it to hard disk or just use its live version. Ethernet drivers will be almost surely recognized, wifi also has a very good chance without downloading anything additional.

leon the brickwall is just an expression ive used to emphasise the feeling of feeling lost...ime a newbie at everything hete

hi pryocc, thanks for that,so if i understand you correctly it sounds like linux has build in drivers.....regarding my graphics ,i dont think thats an issue because ime running a

driver's problems are mainly for Windows user

Ok guys,i migrated and seems like i was stressed out for nothing after all, all drivers works comes the challenge to learn linux

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