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So i am away from my home for a while and i decided to change from kali 32 bit to 64 bit as i was having problems with my headers there, however when i moved to 64 bit in the set up i couldn't install a network mirror. I tried changing the sources.list file with what was suggested here in this post however it didn't work, I had sucess with changing the file to the newest kali sana sources.list, but i just hate the new setup and the tools are all over the place, so I would rather not use it. As usual thanks in advance even if the answer ends up being wait until you get home and setup the mirror on your own network.

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Do you mind giving a bit more details; What is the error your getting? What doesn't work exactly? What extra things do you have installed? The more you can give the easier it is to help you.


Same errors as in this article so apt-get and wget won't work, the only time they do is when i edit the "etc/apt/sources.list" with the kali linux sana version of it, but then it just updates to kali 2.0 which i am not a big fan of. Umm this is as much as i can come up with now. I doubt it provides any more information then the article i linked does, but if you come up with a attempt to solve it i will try it (that is if i dont reinstall the 32 bit version in the meantime)

ummmmh, if you're using vm you could just as easily reinstall and since it seems that others have had this issue without a solution I would recommend just saving any files and completely reinstalling.

Try to go back to the kali 1.1 repos, do an apt-get update and upgrade, then try to switch again. Only thing I can think of :\


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