Forum Thread: Mitmf Doesn't Spoof on wlan0 --Gateway

first i try mitmf on my network and it's working spoofing target showing the log ,my network show default gateway is, and then i try on my friend network,i check the gateway is, i try mitmf

./ -i wlan0 --spoof --arp --dns --gateway --target
mitmf not showing log about target

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you should try and understand what you are doing .... the gw address cant be because it is not a valid ip address ... the gateway is probably (if it is a class c network ) or ...

If you are in the same network , just ifconfig(or ipconfig , depending on your OS ) to see what is the GW address .

thank you for answer
this show my wifi route

i have the same problem as you! need help have been working on this for over a month now! isn't a valid IP.
can you show what give ifconfig ?

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