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Mobile Hotspot Port Forwarding

Does anyone no how to port forward on a mobile hotspot so I can get a successful meterpreter session????

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even i need to know ...coz im using my neighbours hacked wifi,
in which i dont have access to router.
is there no other way to port forward without accessing router settings?

lol same problem but it possible to find the router i no that for sure

i wish there was a away around port forwarding

You need to find the Access points ip, then try and log into it, then find anything that says DMZ and open that up, disable anything that protects against DMZ, once you have a DMZ open post the WAN or public IP address so we can help further. We need the WAN or Public IP address you have so we can help. Be sure to turn off the firewall and anything that could stop the DMZ.

Yeah! I am also facing same problem.

If you already hacked the wifi its easy to get into the router control panel

yes default router ips are but you have to be connected to the access point in order to get the routers web problem is that i'm using my mobile phone hot spot so when i try to do this it either says permission denied or it doesn't do anything i forgot i have to check it out again, right now i'm using the neighbors wifi i found his router login but i cant seem to be able to crack it its a NETGEAR WGR614v9

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