Forum Thread: How to Modify Reaver's Source Code?

I asked this question before but the response of most of you guys was aggressive towards me and instead of helping me out, you guys decided to lampoon me for not knowing such a basic thing.

Here I am, raising this question all over again. Does someone know how to access and edit Reaver's source code?

I have a bunch of code in my mind that I need to implement for the sake of removing 'AP RATE LIMITING' error which pops up when the targetted AP locks itself after receiving too many PIN attempts from the same MAC address.

Please comment only if you know what I'm asking for and you have a solution for it.
Hateful & ludicrous opinions are highly unasked for.

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3 Responses

I was the only one to answer, and I was nothing close to aggressive in my mind, if I was, it was not my intention, never. I just tried to make you figure out how how things work.

This is one example of github reaver fork. A fork is an improved or modified version of a source code hosted on github itself or some where else

The description of that reaver fork also points back to the original source code for reaver 1.4 and1.5.

I should also specify that I didn't test the source code out, I just told you that github had some forks and useful descriptions available, supposing that you knew how github works. If you don't, no big deal, it's just an open source portal where every one hosts code, just like google code, where the original reaver is hosted.

Really, it was as easy as asking instead of "thanks for not being useful".

All right. My bad I perceived your comment a bit aggressive.
So, now are you willing to tell me how does github work and how do I access the code and modify it?

Sure, it's pretty easy.

To download the source code of a github page, you can either:
-Download the ZIP directly from the web page (on the right, there should be a download button, not always).

-Download the git utility on Kali (you should already have it, but just in case it is "apt-get install git"), and then run:

git clone link

Where the link is the text in the "HTTPS clone URL" textbox on the right.

You can use the last method with google code too.

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