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So which is the most difficult programming language ?

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none of them, varies from person to person,, personally i found Assembly the most complex language to learn, thats why im still learning now...

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I am pretty sure they named that language brainfuck on purpose...

And like Defalt and Nakupenda said, it all depends from person to person. I'm the perfect example: most people find assembly or any other low level language hard, but I found assembly a very easy language to understand and learn and I had a lot of difficulty learning Java.


It all depends on what you classify as difficult. Generally, people find languages with more specific syntax to be more difficult.


My opinion: Binary

Binary is NOT a language. It's a boolean-logic system.


Depends on you. You could find SQL or XML to be extreme, or C# or Java to be simple. As to the me I guess it'll be C++ or Java due to their long programs.

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