Forum Thread: Most Remotely Exploited Port?

I would like to know what are the most remotely exploited ports

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4 Responses

Wow OTW just replied on my post, it's an honor, i love your articles

I agree with Phoenix. Telnet and SSH are great doorways into exploitation. If you are exploiting a router also keep in mind that many routers have port 80 open for HTTP and can often be logged into with default credentials. Port 80 can also be used for recon using netcat.

Welcome to Null Byte!

true but if you find some script kiddos who left their ports open( 4444-4445 -1604( dark comet port) - 6996 etc) that they just leave them open :D

but mostly you have to look what you wanna exploit and hack?
if target is machine that persone use it ports that i said either its webserver common ports are :
80 - 22-21-161 as phoenix said are ports for webservers which can also used on personal machines

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