Forum Thread: Mr.Robot Hacks (Hack with a CD?!)

Hello everyone.
This is my first post here, so...
I was watching Mr.Robot, the part that Dark Army hacks Angela's PC with a CD.
but i know that it's not possible, because in Windows Vista and later there is no Autorun that run without permission!
so my mind goes for USB Rubber Duck. of course i know it has a chip and... (I didn't see it myself!)
but i believe we could make something like that with a CD.

Maybe i'm just talking ridiculous but if someone could tell me is that possible or not, and how it's possible to get a shell with just a CD, i appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

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autorun is no longer executed automatically, so what? people are still stupid enough to run autorun.exe each time you put in a CD. i don't see how this wouldn't have worked.


i think so, just to refresh u up, most of the hacking in Mr robots are real and possible..not just a fantasy

agreed. but that doesn't mean a simple autorun won't work anymore.

so what? you mean it was really an autorun?!
i really don't know if people really are that stupid!
and of course in the show when she puts the CD in AllSafe system, it automatically execute itself! so there is that!

people are stupid. don't underestimate the stupidity of people.

the CD might be some kind of USB Rubber Duck attack in this case. i have no idea how it would be executed, though.

but i'm just saying, you can still use autorun, because people are stupid enough to do such a thing.


That's actually funny lol.
ok, thanks for your helps.
if anybody knows how that CD works, please comment here.
I'll appreciate it.

Autorun isn't necessary in that type of attack. Since she is on the computer that she is hacking she can run the file manually. It's crazy how easily anyone can make a virus if they have access to the machine for a minute or two.

That's right.
but if you watch it, you see that after inserting the CD,
It's automatically execute itself!

perhaps that computer at AllSafe was actually configured to use autorun? (just because it is disabled by default doesn't mean it can't be enabled again)


I really don't know!
OK, anybody has access to the writer of the show? he had to explain about these kind of things! :D

Call the director and ask for selling them computer on Allsafe hehe

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