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Loving the show and was wondering if anyone would like to show how some of the hacks are done? Purely for educational purposes of course.


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Haha yeah i deserved that! Seriously though i am liking the more realistic approach toward hacking being portrayed recently, the movie Blackhat for example was cool in that respect.

It's coming. From the episodes I have seen (I have not yet seen last night's episodes) he is primarily cracking passwords.


Have you tried realizing the truth that there is no spoon?

Now for real, if you read enough content here, you'll learn it by yourself.
The answer to your question is too broad, by the way.

Haha - nice, well I left it broad on purpose as there are a few different hacks being shown, although as OTW has stated they are more password cracking related.

I really like the opening scene in the first episode where he intel gathered the coffee shop guy as he was curious about the high speed wifi!

I kind of liked the TV show for its realistic portrayals of Linux/hacking. I mean I saw a Linux desktop with some brute force hacking program Elliot apparently made. I also like the fact that they mentioned KDE and GNOME desktop, so they did do some research.

Some shows lack so much when they try to even mention anything about computers, I have not watched this show before but sometimes I just want to shrivel up and slowly melt after hearing such a lame attempt at a TV show/movie making statements of such things as hacking.

There's reasons as to why they do it. I'm sure the majority of people who don't care for computers don't want to sit through a bunch of tech talk, much like I wouldn't want to hear about things such as planets in space.

This series is the best I've seen this year (if I take away Sense8). In terms of hacking, it's really realistic, in less than 10 minutes of the first chapter he explains why Tor isn't completely safe because of it's exit nodes. I just couldn't believe it.

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