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Good people around here, please help me with this. Actually....

I am trying to input multiple login attempts in a website (HTTPS WEBSITE) , consisting of "Application number" , and Date of birth (3 separate columns for day,month,year). I somewhat got the pattern of application number..... The APPLICATION NUMBER is 2017*** . These stars represent any of the 10 digits from 0-9 . As a result there are "1 LAKH COMBINATIONS".Now i accomplished this by using 'crunch' in Kali Linux....I got the wordlist of Application number. Hence....i also got the rest three( days will be from 1-30, month will be from JAN-DEC and year is .... 1997-1999). So i have these 4 wordlists!!!!

Now the problem do I bruteforce all these combinations into those areas . Even if I try for only one application no. ...I mean what should I use.... I've very little knowledge about this . I also have the advantage....that....the website does not have "CAPTCHA" or definite no of login attempts !!!

Please people ...... Help me with this!!!!!! I mean this multiple logins from 4 wordlists at the same time confuses me !!!!!!! Please help!!!!

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You can use selenium though.
Can use selenium to find the element and click it.
It is automatic, you just need to find out the HTML element.

Dear JUSTIN CHANG thanks for the help!!!!!!

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