Forum Thread: My Computer Is So Infected with Malware I Can't Do Anything.

I have a desktop with windows 8.1. Some how windows defender is turned off. When I try to turn it on it says something about contacting the admin. I searched EVERY option to get defender turned on. None work.

I used my Mac too download an anti virus program to a usb. And tried to install it on my desktop. NOTHIN DOING! It would not install. This computer is TRASHED!

I tried going into recovery. It says I need to insert the windows disk. Well I don't have the windows disk.


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How far can you go on a normal boot??
Send a pic..

what about download hirens boot cd/usb->unplug internet cable->boot system->remove mostly malwares or viruses
go to system information check your reg number download windows 8 and use your reg key
or :)
send me a computer ..... :)

I've had this happen a ton...don't worry. Here are all the tricks I use....

1.Rather than recover, have you tried your "restore to earlier time" option?

  1. Go to your control panel and look for programs that have been installed that you don't recognize and remove those programs.
  2. Go to your browser and disable any addons you don't recognize.
  3. If you get some adware on your computer, like CoolWebSearch, for example, swipe the corner of your computer to "search" and type "run". Then type "regedit" in the "run" command prompt. It will take you to your registry. Use the "find" option to locate CoolWebSearch in your registry keys. Once the keys are found, they are displayed. You can then delete these keys.
  4. Try these free products to fix the issue
  5. Go through of your program folders. Usually there are two, programs and programsX86 or something.... Delete every folder and file within that you don't recognize that's been added to your computer around the same time you contracted all your computer stds. Do the same for your temp folder and program data folder. You will see folders/files that have a ton of numbers and letters in them. Delete those. Thats all the malware etc junk. Windows is good about not letting you delete anything that shouldn't be deleted, so if you make a mistake and select a file that shouldn't be erased, it will tell you.
  6. Uninstall your browser and reinstall it.
  7. Hope this helps. Let me know if it doesn't

You can even try booting your pc with a live CD, download clamav, scan your machine, remove malware, then reboot and boot on your win8.1

If you can boot just fine..

Then best is boot into safe mode.. run your antivirus full and also run antimalwarebytes full..

Also, figure out what kind of malware is infecting your computer and eradicate it manually.

Run chameleon with malwarebytes so that it has a higher chance of actually performing its functions correctly.

But otherwise, Se7enpeace is correct and given you the same information I would have given you, more or less.


Thanks guys. It's hard too boot win 8.1 in safe mode. And so far can't seem to get the system to download anything wether from the web or usb but I will try the tips given and report back.

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