Forum Thread: My Parrot Doesn't Speak...

Hi, hackies...
i'm with Kali since 1 year...i'm still learning and i've stil a lot to learn...
I wanted to install ParrotSec, everything went right...
i wanted to test the AnonSurf option, but impossible to use any application with AnonSurf...nothing happen...
Any idea or advice, please ? I must mayby open some ports ?
Thanks a lot
scully mulder

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2 Responses

How did you start the AnonSurf application?
I tried it today with clicking on ".... start" in the menu section and then everything configured itself.

Hi, KTORZ...
No problem with starting AnonSurf...As you, everyhing configure itself..
but after that, if i try to use i.e. owasp-zap, i can't...everything is like blocked , or no responding
scully mulder

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