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Dear hackers,

I'm a newbie in this Null Byte, so I do have some few questions that you would think kind of boring to answer and I might not get the answer just by Google it randomly. But, as there is a really relevant place to ask such as NullByte, I'll ask what problems that I have encountered and why.

For your information, I run Kali on a virtual machine and I use ALFA external wifi adapter for packet injection.

1.When trying to crack a wifi password, I need to use an external wifi adapter such as AWUS036H , but such problems occurred;

-when I run into a monitor mode for my interface which is wlan0,

there are some processes that we need to kill and one of them are the Internet connection(NetworkManager). When I successfully kill all of the processes, and I try to open Iceweasel, there is no internet connection. So my question for this problem is,

"Do we need to disconnect to the internet to crack a wifi password, why?'

2.When trying to create a Fake Access Point (suddenly, in the middle of the way) (aircrack -c 11 -e freewifi mon0)
I get this error saying,
==>Error: Got channel -1, expected a value > 0
So, my question for this problem is,

"Why did this happen and how to fix this thing up and never get the error again?"

3.If I am not mistaken, I have read an article regarding how to retrieve back deleted files, even if we delete it permanently in the recycle bin. My question is,

"Can we delete it permanently from our computer system and never be found by anyone even if we trace it carefully? "

  1. I'm on my way learning C++ but I found that Python is more user-friendly, and my question is,

"Is it better to learn C++ and Python at the same time because they have some similarities between them or I should finish my C++ learning first?"

  1. Windows 8 problem.

At first, I want to install Kali as dual boot, but suddenly I have problem during the boot process. Even if I disable the SecureBoot(in the UEFI firmware settings), but still, Windows booted first and Kali would never be found, even if I already installed Kali and Grub boot loader, in the UEFI settings, there is only one boot in the boot order which is Windows.

6.Self-modified laptop

If I bought a second hand laptop which has an i5 processor and a normal wifi card and graphic card and a small RAM, and I want to give it a little change, I want to change it manually to i7 and change the wifi card that could be associated for wifi cracking and packet injection and change the graphic card for a good and better life :) and change the RAM to 8GB or 16.My question is,

"Is it worth or I should buy a nice new one?"

My question is , "If I downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7, does Secure Boot also will be removed (as I know, Windows 7 doesn't have a SecureBoot), and then I will successfully have a Grub Boot Menu(for example) on my pc during the start up?

For now, these are the problems that I have encountered and still trying to find an absolute solution. I will not be in rush waiting for the answer from this community, but I hope there would be someone willing to help me as I really have interest in the art of cryptography. I'm sorry if you couldn't understand my English but I hope you could try to understand. :)

Best regards,

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8 Responses

Finish learning C++
Dont multitask languages its good to but only experts should be doing so as they can tell apart the syntax.
Also dont use the term finish learning
becuase in programming you never stop finish learning
Learn the major part of C++(OOP pointers functions)
learn some libaries such as boost and stl then go on to python while still learning C++

Thank you for the thoughts. I will keep that in my mind. Yes, I agree with you. I will not use that term again. Thank you for the suggestions .

1) For your first problem, there is a work-around after you put your card into monitor mode, type the following command in the terminal...

service NetworkManager stop

After you are finished with monitor mode and it is back in managed mode, type the following command...
service NetworkManager start

3) You cannot permanently delete files but you can use the shred command to encrypt them so even if they do recover it, it will be almost impossible to view the original contents...

shred [filename]

Thank you for the reply, I'll try the commands.

#1 Don't kill the process, just disable your Wireless Card from connecting automatically to any known AP and you'll be fine.

#2 That command isn't for making ra Fake AP. I wonder if --ignore-negative-one works for that.

#3 Use the command shred. There are some programs in Windows that do the same.

#4 You never "stop learning" a language, because they're so vast, and most popular ones grow everyday and get used in new ways. I'm still learning Python, and I plan to give a second try to C in a few months, but I may change my mind on that.

#5 Did you allow Kali to install its bootloader during the install?

#6 You probably won't be able to upgrade the processor and graphics chip. You may find an onboard card that does the job, but I think they're pretty rare compared to USB wireless adapters.

If you're unsatisfied with the performance of your laptop, you should get a new one, anyways. I'd suggest a MacBook Air or a Dell XPS 13 for a good combination of portability, battery life and power.

Btw, I used a -100$ netbook to do some wireless hacking. It's not as fast as a desktop with a quad/octa-core processor for cracking passwords, but it did the job pretty well.

Thank you Kitten, I will try to follow your suggestions, and so, I can conclude that,

1) Does this means that, before I start airmon -ng and start a monitor mode with my interface, the first thing I need to do is connect to a wireless adapter without connecting into any known network? Or I can disconnect it while running airmon -ng?

5) Yes, I allowed Kali to install its bootloader, I think its GRUB isn't it?

# Based on your explanation about ""It's not as fast as a desktop with a quad/octa-core processor for cracking passwords, but it did the job pretty well."" does this means that computer performance doesn't affect the success of a penetration testing?

Best regards,
Jacob :)

  1. Airmon-ng is the program that starts monitor mode. You should have a Wireless Adapter plugged in your USB port, but not connected to any Wireless network.

If you're working from a Notebook, you probably have an onboard Wireless adapter as well. You can use that one to connect to a known network while using the external adapter to do the attack.

  1. I don't really know about UEFI booting. Or maybe I've used it and never noticed. Google's your friend :)
  1. Computer performance affects the speed of some parts of an attack, such as cracking with a dictionary. It does not affect the chance of success.

Thank you again, Kitten.
I'll make sure I do it correctly next time. I hope the best for you.


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