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So first of all sorry about all of these posts if I'm being a nuisance.

Anyway I have this website that I made to practice my HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. I was experimenting with phishing with the tutorials on here and around the web (I'm sure you can see where this is going) Anyway it wasn't a problem for a while but then I registered a free domain because I would've liked to use a seperate domain for my hacking stuff. It made me put in a site to forward to when I registered for hosting (idk why) and so I put in my old site. When I tried to go to the new site it forwarded me to the old one and it gave me the red screen saying it is malicious. I was able to click go into this site anyway and it worked fine but now even when I do that the connection times out. How can I fix this? If I can't, how can I get my code back so I can put it back up on a new domain? Thanks for the help ad sorry for the long post.


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Get a new domain and experiment on localhost

Huh, if you want others to be able to see your site, just put in an email to Google and ask them to whitelist it (You'll be needing a mighty good explanation!). If you only are using the site, just go to settings and whitelist it.

Electric: I can't even do that anymore. Before the red "THis site is phishing" page would show and I could click "Go there anyway" Now it won't let me connect at all.

Unholy: I can do that and have been doing that but I don't want to lose my code. I put lots of work into it. Is there any tool or something that will let me get it back.

Also update: I checked one of those sites that tells you if a site is down or up and it says it's up but I still can't connect. It's not just me either because I asked my friend to try to connect too. Thanks guys for the help.

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