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Please help me!
I wanted to learn everything in this field, i was very excited, i made a very very detailed plan...

I'm 16 now, this started since i was 11, but i had only 2 hours a weekend maximum to learn, i stopped learning for long periods, i have 12 yrs old pc...i hacked lots of people, virtual machines, and an ISP...but...the next year im gonna live alone...So i will buy a pc and equipments...AND I WILL HAVE

I'm gonna travel to Germany to study medicine, their language..and in the hardest university it's gonna ruin my very sad.

Then I changed the plan, started thinking about learning only things related to social engineering (tricking people), wireless attacks, bluetooth hacking...wireshark for sniffing, making an undetectable payload and embedding it to several forms to trick everyone, spread it, and to learn what to do after hacking router (not wifi) like making my dns, and how to do dmz,..... how to hack devices connected to the meterpreter'd machine, including windows, phones, servers, other subnets.........veil, armitage, isecur1ty, securitytube, cybrary, getting very long range wifi scanner/injector.....nethunter.....and everything connected to that title, that can be done easily, and no advanced code required, hack people i know and near me. NEAR networks, devices, systems.....HACKING

But not to learn website, servers, far OS's that arent near me (that needs special exploits to be hacked through a service on a port like ssh, or OSCP or OSCE...

Why not those ? Because they need advanced programming skills, they take lots of time...and exact source that teaches u advanced things....they r not worth learning because you wont be able to good websites or servers...unless u learned for 20+ years and paid $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ...and when u want to hack ur friend, u will probably get back to social engineering and meterpreter payload..... .

After that..i thought that why to spend time and effort learning those ?! (the things i want/the first paragraph) ! Will i spend my life hacking every wifi or neighbour or pc or bluetooth....? If i hacked into a one, what will i get ? nothing! i just harmed people! If i hacked a wifi, meterpreter'd everyone connected, then what ?? files ? accounts ? whats the benefit ?!!! Nothing.

I love hacking! I can't leave it! I can't stop it! But why should i learn it? what's the benefit? hacking bank accounts? hack fbi? nsa? I won't be able? So why to learn ??? For job ? I will not be a penetration tester, digital forensic man or.... .

I watched Mr.Robot, and the excitement got back again, even stronger!!!
Please help me all! Everyone! I'm very sad and upset :'( I can't sleep :(

Pro's, Phoenix, OccupyTheWeb, and everyone help me!

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First of all, welcome here on null byte.

Well, you have to consider if you do something to help someone it is good, isn't it ? Either be it tracing back someone who defrauded your friend ( yes that actually happened recently ), or protect someone from black hats or script kiddies. Keep in mind that hacking isn't always harmful. Furthermore hacking is claimed to be one of "The Skills" in the IT future.

Don't take me wrong, but why wouldn't you like to become a pentester if you are so passionate about hacking, and study medicine instead?

That's right! Good point, but not in my case! I'm not that social guy in the real world! I got harmed a lot by people in my life, mostly because they are jealous of me, because i'm smart in the school (that i actually HATE very much, because it's not gonna help me in my life or what i like), so i started to stay alone, or stay with "friends" and dont talk, then i found that that's better! I hear everything, i collect info about people, but no one hears me! i found that that's less harmful, and i'm happier now!

And in the same time, i had good friends on internet! Like i'm in the most Pro's clan in BL:R, and i'm very respected there! They are very kind!

So i ended up going to school, getting back, studying, and on weekends, playing fps games or learn something about technology!

I'd like to be a certified pentester! But when i tell my parents about it, they say that there are no future for this job in my country (There are only information security (that teaches theories only) specialize in 1 university in my country, and i think there are no pentesters here) !

And sometimes they just laugh and mock!
And i think they're right! No future for it here!
Btw, do you know how many hours the medical college take ? (in the university?)

If we say 8 hours in uni. , 6 hours at most for sleeping, so 14 hours, add 6 more for studying (are they enough ?!) , 1 hour for moving between uni and the room, only 3 hours left, very few :'(

i have a new thought after i have read the comments, i will share it in a comment :)

Parents are not always correct. There's a future for a good pentester anywhere, just because they don't know about the work, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

If you don't mind, which country are you from? If it's within the EU, and there's absolutely no work for infosec there (which I highly doubt), perhaps it would be a good idea to move to another country.

If infosec is truly your passion, pursue it, don't let your parents dissuade you from it. Their spectrum of experience will only be very limited, particularly if all they're doing is pushing you towards medicine. Yes, medicine is a great profession, but the disparity for available work and skilled employees isn't as large as it is for high level infosec work.

You know what's best for you, not your parents or anyone else. Do what you think is right.


I'm from Palestine,
and here they don't believe in digital security!
They take it as a joke, if there servers get hacked, they take them down!
They don't patch!

And in our culture, we can't live in another country after studying unless we marry, like i can, but it's not accepted by them! And i'm not thinking about marrying till 40 maybe!

I hate that culture! I hate those people! They don't think!!!

Just because everyone else lives by those rules doesn't mean you have to.


Since you saw "Mr. Robot", I gues Elliot would just say "F society"

Lol ouzo xD
Btw, can you respond to my last email ? (as i mentioned there, you can say No to that request :) )

That carries me to rethink!

well i can see you dont want to follow your heart thats biggest mistake ever a man could do mate if you like computer like all of us go learn it by your self and you belive me you need to spend lot of time for it(if you want to be advance) or going to uni and study IT like many of us...

but if you just want to hack ppl for hell of it then i would say using other ppls tools and script that you have no idea how it actully work.

social eng ye its always good trick and doesnt mean any thing you could try to hack some random ppl but is that what you really want? payloads also include in this case ye most thing you can do without programming knowledge is to make payload with metasploit or veil-evasion but any updated AV would catch it plus if they be smart they can track you and use it againts you .

so you have to think about it do you love to be pentester or hacker? mate
and last thing
>>>>"worth learning because you wont be able to good websites or servers...unless"

sry but it soo unfair to say that and wrong!!!! learning programming is best thing that a persone could do if he love pc and hacking!!!!

cuz if you dont know how to understand how machine works then how you could hack :? you always have to wait till some ppl find their exploit and after they used it and it get outdated you use their exploit .... sry but if you cant programm then your script kiddi and calling your self hacker is just making yourself fool and also learning programming is completly FREE no $ needed and about time you just need to love it !!! then it become more and more easier for you. about time you need to spend time on any thing to become matser and a hacker is master of IT so ye thats all i can say. i wish you have good luck.

Thank you mate :D
Great opinion :)

But i cant stop thinking about it! That screen, with the code, the terminal, offensive security, i cant skip all that!!!!! That spirit follows me! If i forget, only 1 month, then i think about it again! And more thoughts come!!!

What i meant by "i wont be able to .hack. good servers or websites", is that i wont be able to hack fbi, or nsa, or facebook, or a well protected server....Because it's very hard today! they are well patched and protected not like the old days!

That's why i'm gonna learn things related to the first paragraph only, and maybe editing payload signatures professionally.

Thank you :D
i will update with a new plan soon :)

If you enjoy something enough; we shouldn't have to give you reasons to learn it.

If you want to learn, then learn. If not, then don't. It's as simple as that.

If you're going to stay, I would recommend reading this. Not only does it give you an idea on how we operate, but it has some links on where to get started here.


Thank you Ghost , Awesome Opinion :D

Hey Oh man, you should first learn a programming language such as C++ or Python. Don't just jump into hacking and try to use an exploit like java signed. Anyquestions, Reply back


Just to let you know, Oh Man hasn't been online in 6 months. I'm only saying this so you don't waste anymore of your own time.


Yeah I know lol i saw.


also, do you still post? i never see them :(

I haven't really been posting much lately; got a lot happening in my life at the moment so there's really not much time. I hope to be posting regularly again soon, though.


If you are going in for hacking ...

First of all believe me once you acquire the needed skills you will know how to put them in good use. Do not judge the situation from now since you have no actual knowledge of how deep you will go.

Second i think when you go into hacking, there is no such thing as i do not want this , only that ... ALL IN or NOTHING I'd say.

All things are interlinked which would help you develop the hacker mindset.

Follow your dreams and your heart.... they never lie.... even if it is up to you ignoring your parents opinion. They do not know how you feel about it , because if you honestly mean what you have said here... those feelings cannot be expressed or explained... No1 would understand you... the thing is you understand yourself.

Do not carried out with the anti-social thing. I myself am an introvert. I cannot spend much time with people. Not because they piss me off... i just feel like most of the time the time spent is wasted i could be doing something far better in improving myself than hearing that same oooooold story over and over again but from a different narrator. But remember the best disguise is not being anti-social, but actually being the most communicative person. No1 has to know you are one crazy mofo with big plans. Keep that for yourself :) Peace and love friend.

Just to let you know, Oh Man hasn't been online in 6 months. I'm only saying this so you don't waste anymore of your own time.


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