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Hello all, I am about to ask probably one of the newbiest questions ever. I won't give much background info of myself as this profile is my last resort to getting a certain answer. I live in a place where people like to pretend to have done impossible things. A friend of mine told me that he knew a person who can hack "by sending an image" to the other person and basically owning him. I have a little background in exploitation and all that fun stuff, and from what I know I don't think this is possible. I saw a question asked here about something similar and the answer was "yes" by OTW, though I guess he referred to php vulnerabilities making jpeg payloads/viruses possible. I would love to know if such thing is possible outside of that scope, and to what degree. Thanks in advance, hope I wasn't too annoying.

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search youtube using these terms: backdoor image armitage... you'll be surprised

Not a single one found that actually results in a "functioning backdoored image" (sounds pretty rediculous to me, even though I know mostly anything is possible with a cpu and the correct additions :D)

I guess something similar is possible using steganography, don't remember where I read it, but it was a reputed source.

-The Joker

Stenography is really just storing information in an It doesn't have any thing to do with having a backdoored image.


Yes I know that, but that was how I was introduced to the term steganography. I don't remember the exact place of reading it, but it was a reputed one.

-The Joker

Recently there was an android exploit called "Stagefright" with which you could send a video to an android phone and exploit it yet its been fixed and its very hard to pull off.


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