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Guys, I have got a weird problem.

Installed Kali Linux 2020.1 arm image on my Rasberry PI 4 and got my wifi working fine. Both the internal Wifi broadcom onboard driver and my Alfa AWUS036ACH Adapter (USB) with RTL8812AU driver worked flawless using the aircrack-ng tools.

Now here comes the strange thing. After a week or so, I have the following error below

"Ndiswrapper doesn't support monitor mode"

when I put my wifi cards in monitor mode and start to use airdump-ng to capture my wifi traffic.

I have searched the web for possible solutions because I know that aircrack-ng tools do not support Ndiswrapper and it will never be supported. But the strange thing is that i did not install any ndiswrapper drivers in the first place , so I am really puzzled why I have suddenly this error. And the other strange thing is that both my wifi adapters are having the same problem.

Just wondering if somebody ran into a similar problem.
My kali linux version is:

All suggestions are welcome.

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Just an update on the problem...

Performed an apt update && apt dist-upgrade and it started working again after launching kismet. Still a bit fishy why aircrack-ng started to complain about the ndiswrapper and it might come back again.

Checked the code snippet below in aircrack-ng/lib/osdep/linux.c checking for ndiswrapper and I would like to understand what is actually tested to determine that the driver is using ndiswrapper. My suspicion is that this test is not full proof on the ARM distribution.

// Check if the driver is ndiswrapper */
static int is_ndiswrapper(const char iface, const char path)
int n, pid;
if (!path || !iface || strlen(iface) >= IFNAMSIZ)
return 0;
if ((pid = fork()) == 0)
execl(path, "iwpriv", iface, "ndis_reset", NULL);

waitpid(pid, &n, 0);
return ((WIFEXITED(n) && WEXITSTATUS(n) == 0));

That's pretty weird, I haven't ever had those problems before. Sorry I can't help solve them but you might want to google some of those errors someone on stack-overflow has probably had a similar problem before.

It is indeed a strange problem.
I am getting it back to work if I first use kismet to monitor my wifi interface.

Quitting kismet leaves the wifi interface in monitor mode and then the aircrack-ng tools like airodump-ng are working fine for me.

But if I start fresh after reboot with the traditional commands
# airmon-ng check kill
# airmon-ng start wlan1
# airodump-ng --band abg wlan1
then airodump-ng throws the warning "Ndiswrapper doesn't support monitor mode" and exits.

Search the Internet, but I did not found the golden bullet yet.
Anyhow, I will figure it out but for now I got a workaround working with kismet...

Will keep you all posted when I found the real solution to the problem...

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