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I moved into an apartment about a year ago with a beautiful flight attendant. We lived in the master bedroom.for 6 months. The previous Tennant of our room lived with the flight attendant 5 months prior to this except he had the room we stayed in, she slept on the couch and I was not even in the picture yet. This man was odd and descended down a dark whole until he was kicked out. He moved and she took over the lease obligations and moved off the couch and into the room. I met her three weeks later and moved in soon after. This man who was kicked out, kept a key to the apartment and moved 20 yards away to an apart right across the driveway. No one changed the locks and he could at any time, enter the home and had access to all our personal computers....

He has without a doubt broken every single law in 502 c of Ca code 50x over. He has social engineered events that's have led to people's lives being ruined. He has a back door on my mac and I have been trying to find the evidence to show the FBI and Poilice the smoking gun, but I am not up to date with lingo.......

Somewere on my mac is the code that or script that makes my mac call out to his server and if it's calling out it needs a number to call..... how do I locate that script...were would it be kept, and thank you for any and all compassion for helping me

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Ifconfig -v utun0 down

This removes the UP from the features....seems to cause the tunnel to fall apart in some way....still not sure how to deactivate it, again any help would be grateful

Hi Gesture,

Just curious if you have found something? If not, could you please explain what is UP? If the malware is still on your system, but pretty easy to spot that it is active, this might mean that digital forensics can help find it.

Hi Alex, it's been a battle. Ty for taking time to look into my condition. What is UP? Lo0, en0, en1, en2, awld0, p2p0, bridge0, utun0, utun1.

Give me an email and I'll send you my number if that speeds up communication.

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