Forum Thread: I Need Coders for a Hacking Suite I'm Working on. Care to Join?

Hey there, hacker apprentices!

Let me start by a introduction of myself. If you don't want to read about me, skip this. I'm a avid hacker, not a newbie, remember. I also expertise in the field of AI, I make robots, or rather war machines, and explosives. I also own Electric Paw Entertainment, a game developing studio.

Well, I'll be needing coders/hackers for this new project I'm starting. Its called, GreyBox, and its a hacking suite made for the basic-intermediate hacking uses with a GUI and terminal version.

I have already planned how it will be, and it won't use tools made by other companies. We will make our own hacking tools.

I guess that will give you a idea of what GreyBox is. If you are interested, just post in the comments. You can conference further at my email,

BTW : Use Proton Mail, I am unable to hack it, and I'm sure most hackers can't, so you are safe. And the server problem has been rectified.

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What language is the suite going to be in ?

Bash, Python, and other odd languages.

Is it just like the Null Byte suite where custom tools are made and pushed into the suite. Will it also be public or private ?

Can you specify "other odd languages"? I am familiar with JavaScript, can I be of any use?

I'm absolutely down to help with the python.


I'm with Defalt, I can help, especially with python! (also with bash)

(Do you have a website for your game development studio? If so, can you post the URL? OR any games?)


Guys do a quick search for Electric Paw Entertainment to learn a bit more about this guy before getting involved in any coding, etc. Just be safe, is what I want to say.

Thats just amazing:
Yesterday there was absolutly no reference on google for "Electric Paw Entertainment"
Today, almost all pages of WHT are indexed and tagged with this ,thx to your comment :D

We kinda made this guy famous. And your comment helps too lol

Discretion is the better part of valor and all that.

Best of luck to you though.

Hey guys,
NOTICE : Actually I'm electricpaw, but I was unable to login to that account, so I'm posting through this.
Okay, it's going to be a public project, and Defalt and Linx, send a email to my account.

And, jinx, the website is and you can see our games at currently, our games are only in the development process. You can sigh up for beta testing, though.

That actually clears a lot. Thank you!

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