Forum Thread: I Need to Get My Pictures of a Friends Mac

Hi guys,

I got myself in some trouble :(

I showed some pictures of my girlfriend (nude) on a friends Imac.
They were stored on a USB stick.
I got a call and was walkin around in the room, then I noticed he was copying something.
When I asked him, did you store them, he said no.. but i'm 99% sure he did..

It was wrong from me to show them in the first place.
This friend.. i'm very scared he well show them to everyone and maybe send them to our other friends.
It's disrespectful for my girlfriend and will end my relation.

I want to set this straight before it's to late.

He never lets anyone a long time alone on he's mac, is there a way i could install something (fast !) on his computer and search for the files ( and view files so that I can make sure i have the correct one's) from home and then delete them ?

He probably will be using osx 10.8.
I'm using 10.9

I'm not bad with computers.. but this is far beyond my knowledge.

Maybe some here can help me with this, and talk me true the whole steps.

Thx !!!

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nice engineering i have to say that :D


You could try asking your friend straight up. I doubt he's going to show everyone anyway, I daresay it's for his fap folder.


he already asked him soo the best option is to infect your usb stick test it in your virtual machine for his antivirus soo it is not detected and then tell him you have something to show him like a picture or a game i dont know when he connects it you will start the autorun and infect him....

something like this but i dont know if this is an old video


How good of a friend is he? If he's a close friend, the best thing you can do is trust him. I have imposed rules on myself to never do something like this to friends and family for a reason.

If they find out; it destroys any trust that person had in you.

The choice is entirely yours, I would advise against it. Also, this is probably a good lesson for you to learn; a gentleman doesn't kiss and tell. I feel it extends to this situation.

Anyway, morality rant over. Whichever path you choose, I hope it's the right one for you.


you do realize he is scamming us with this story and just wants a way to infect a girls pc or something...

Ivan Knezovic:

I don't like to make assumptions. I also like to give people the benefit of a doubt.


well blindly trusting somebody is stupid but everybody does it until they get burned by there close friend... and if he wants to hack the PC he has already decided that he doesn't trust him soo....

sorry ghost for sounding mean it wasn't my intention.

Ivan Knezovic:

Ah nae bother mate, you have some good points, I will concede to that. It's more a question of, if it's true how much does he value the friendship with said friend to take the risk of him finding out.

With that being said, I honestly don't care what he chooses to do.


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