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So on the link Security Focus i saw this exploit and i would like how to use it and if it works, because i am working at this moment, any help apreciated.

Thanks, Dorin

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Sorry if i didn´t expressed my self very well, but i would to know the commands to run it and if windows 7 64 bits SP 1, is exploitable, and when i updated my msfconsole this exploit was already available, but anyways thanks.


It clearly states that Win 7 SP1 is vulnerable.

How do people even miss that? It's right there...


I saw that, but this exploit module works only for win 8 and 8.1, that's why was asking.

maybe win SP1 7 is "vulnerable" but there's no exploit to it, that's my though but then don't trust my word. Correct me if i'm wrong

This function has a vulnerability where it doesn't correctly check the impersonation token
of the caller to determine if the user is an administrator. It reads the caller's
impersonation token using PsReferenceImpersonationToken and then does a comparison between
the user SID in the token to LocalSystem's SID. It doesn't check the impersonation level
of the token so it's possible to get an identify token on your thread from a local system
process and bypass this check.

This module currently only affects Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, and requires access to
C:\Windows\System\ComputerDefaults.exe (although this can be improved).

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