Forum Thread: Need Help Around DDoSing and Other Ways to Hack.

So,recently I started if you can call it ''scripting''.I've already had some kind of knowledge on computers so I did some basic stuff,used Ip Loggers,baited people and tracked them down.So I thought it was awesome and I wanted more power.I wanted to learn to DDoS and control people's computers from mine.I looked up all around the internet,and all I found and tried was the cmd command ping -t -l and I tried the Low Orbit Ion Cannon.In the first one,cmd,all I got as a reply on every IP Address was ''Request timed out".After that I tried the LOIC and nothing worked as well.I tried many IP Addresses,I tried my friends IP as well but nothing works.If anyone here could help me out with starting to do what I'm doing I'd be thankful.Any kind of DDoS.I surely don't want to make attacks of 200 gigabytes per second,just want to test few things,get familiar with it.I'd be very thankful.

By the way English is not my first language,so if I made any mistakes while typing,let me know please.

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