Forum Thread: Need Help Decrypting an NTLM Hash

Hello, I have a hash I need to decrypt but my wordlist isn't big enough and brute force with my PC would take years. I've been using hashcat as it is the fastest tool I came across but even then it's pretty slow for me.

The hash is d55d64acb09a14c9401480a5c5685fb5, NTLM. Any help is appreciated.

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Bruteforcing is the only method I am thinking about
You could use crunch to generate enough words in your wordlist
e.g crunch 'min value' 'max value' a-zA-Z1234567890
Not sure if this will work though

Solved. I gave up on trying to find other ways to do it and brute forced it using hashcat with masks to minimize total possibilities.

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