Forum Thread: Need Help for Learning Python

Hello thinking of learning python . I am following python series on null byte forum and python course on pentester academy...Are these material enough for me to become writing tool in python or do i need material apart from these two ...

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Who teaches the teacher?

my question is apart from that one you mentioned( python series on null byte forum), should I follow some other tutorials to write/script tools in python.. am following python series on null byte as well as python course on pentester i need any more tutorial apart from these two ..hope you get my point ..

You do realize that you're asking "If I learn Python, will I be able to use Python?"

The best thing you can do is download Python IDLE and work along with ANY kind of online tutorial.

You should find tutorials using third party modules, as they are usually the most powerful. Learning them now could be very beneficial later.


Default,are you going to be doing tutorials on using third party modules? If you are,I can't wait!

Third party modules are so numerous that there really is no point in making a tutorial for each and everyone, while they are all heavily documented. You should read the docs of the module you wish to use. Justs google one that seems interesting. Might be better to first get a goal though. Just making a program up to practice it doesn't really work. You need to have a problem and then use Python to solve it. What that goal is, is something you need to come up yourself. You could try making your own version of a hacking tool or something like that.

Yes, after covering commonly used standard libraries, we'll be moving the series into some popular third popular modules.


These books may help you:

  1. Automating boring stuff with python
  2. violent python
  3. gray hat python
  4. black hat python

first one is for normal stuffs, other three books will teach you to code hacking tools

thank u Mr.DARK KNIGHT....i have got 3 book( Violent, gray hat and black hat python) i just see the content of those 3 book and i think 3 will be very very useful...espically Black hat python...Thank you very much brother

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